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Directed Study Plugin Set, BLC and Time Auditing


An exciting project of late is that of using Blended Learning Consortium (BLC) content (non-subject based tutorial resources) in conjunction with our already rich Directed Study programme. When using blended learning resources, it's important to clearly measure their usage and this can be hard to track if the resources haven't been designed to report (or collate) this type of data.

The BLC use SCORM resources which have localised reporting within the module itself but it's impossible for a lecturer to go into each one on a regular basis and tot up the totals of time spent online along with other usage statistics. There are several hundred resources across our Directed Student content making this a near impossible task to complete. However, reporting is essential so that it is possible to support students as they progress through the course. The aim of my new set of plugins is to provide metrics about the usage of the BLC content including the total time spent on each resource and all resources as a whole.

My three new plugins consist of a Directed Study block which tells student how much directed study time they’ve completed, a Directed Study Course report to track resource completions at class level, per course with a breakdown of attempts, scores, duration and more. Finally, a Directed Study Total report combines all totals from all online courses with an external hours administration utility (a repurposed Moodle database) so that tutors can see the total amount of time studied by students and how much time is remaining.

This is an image of the Directed Study Block

As you can see from the Directed Study block, clear information about the level of directed study completion is provided to students along with the remaining amount of time to complete.

A screenshot of the Directed Study Course report plugin.


A screenshot of the Directed Study Total report amount plugin.


The first admin utility enables the upload of a student register containing details of the students you wish to support in their directed study completion and includes a basic web form for manual entry or editing of student details.

A second admin utility enables an upload of directed study hours completed outside of the BLC content and this data is added to the plugin providing details of the overall completion.

It’s been a really interesting project and I look forward to providing an update of the pilot at some point in the next academic year. I will also include details about how we optimised the BLC resources for scalability in a future blog post.

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