Moodle and ProMonitor Synchronisation (June 2018 Update)

ProMonitor has a very useful import utility that allows you to point to a grade data table generated by Moodle assignment data (through our plugin) stored in an MSSQL database.

While imports have been successful, several of the ProMonitor calculations and webpages aren't automatically updating. So for example, when importing all of the unit tasks (such as P1, P2, P3...) , you can see the new grade data in the markbook pages but grade calculations aren't performed until triggering a calculation. It would be really useful if ProMonitor incorporates the webpage updates into the import feature in the future.

In order to get round this, we needed to build a wrapper that triggers stored procedures to update the data in between imports. Transact SQL has some very useful features that enable scripts to run when a condition has been met and this makes automation far easier to implement.

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