Terms of Use

The following terms of use apply to all areas of the Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle) and connected services. This code is in addition to all other College policies.

All learners attending Croydon College and University Centre Croydon are permitted access to the Virtual Learning Environment* (Moodle) and connecting services in accordance with these terms. Access may be restricted or removed due to misuse.

*The services offered on the VLE are subject to change without notice.

Terms of Use
When using the VLE and connecting services, users must...

  • Respect the rights of others.
  • Remember to logout at the end of each session.
  • Comply with current and future legislations* including:

· The Data Protection Act 1998, General Data Protection Regulation 2016 and Data Protection Act 2018
· Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988
· Computer Misuse Act 1990
. Telecommunications Act 1984
. Protection from Harassment Act 1997

*Copies of these acts are available either online or from the Library. If you are found to be breaking the law legal sanctions will apply.

The following are not permitted at any time...

  • The creation, display, production, storage, circulation or transmission of pornographic or other offensive material in any form or medium. (Including sending, posting or displaying offensive images, language or any other type of offensive content including the bullying, harassment or intimidation of others.)
  • Users must not create, store or transmit:
    • Defamatory or libellous material
    • Material that infringes copyright
    • Unsolicited commercial or advertising material
  • Intentionally providing or submitting false information (i.e. on ILPs etc).
  • Intentionally restricting network traffic with high bandwidth use.
  • Flooding forums and other services unnecessarily or with inappropriate content/material.
  • Editing or modifying any element of the VLE without permission.
  • Using others' passwords or log-in identities.
  • Deliberately introducing any virus, worm, Trojan horse or other harmful or nuisance programme or file, or deliberately circumventing any precautions taken by the College to prevent this from happening.
  • Using any service for commercial purposes or profit.
  • Using any service for political purposes.
  • Using any service inappropriately during class time.
  • Copying any code, software or content provided without permission.
  • Providing access to non-Croydon College members without permission.
  • Violating copyright laws, data protection laws and computer misuse laws.
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